Bush finally unites something

The bush/cheney war in Iraq gas finally provided Iraq with a unifying issue. They ALL, Sunni AND Shiia alike HATE us and want to re-double their efforts to kill our ill-equipped, untrained and outnumbered troops. An article (one among several) tells us that Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sad,r currently hiding in Iran is calling for the Shiite majority manning the Iraqi Army and police forces to increase efforts to kill the “archenemy” US. Now that’s gratitude for ya. The Bushcorp destroys Iraq, fails to rebuild it, causes a mass exodus of everyone in Iraq who could DO anything, steals BILLIONS of both US AND Iraqi funds, leaves the Iraqi people in the dark, without water,food, electricity, or medical care,tortures millions of Iraqis, kills hundreds of thousands more and the VAST majority of the Iraqi people think they were much better off under Saddam. Doin a HECK of a job george.

The American people HATE this war, the whole world hates this war,even REPUBLICANS hate this war. The complete lack of planning to keep the peace and rebuild the country in order to keep stealing from us AND the Iraqis have caused the GOP to crumble to pieces. NOTHING is getting through the bubble bush and his robotic yes-men have entrenched themselves in. No amount of death to American soldiers or Iraqis is enough to get their attention. Not even losing the majority in congress is waking them up. One thing is for DAMN sure. Our country can’t TAKE another two years of these blind mice. Although there aren’t enough votes YET to impeach these rats, and there are investigations beginning, I am convinced that this is the only way to save our country AND our planet.