Walter Reed patients screwed by private contractors

The story of the plight facing our returning soldiers just got worse. As I watched the congressional hearings on this issue today, my heart was slowly breaking. I didn’t think it could get worse. THEN, Traci sent me an e-mail of an article published by Raw Story. As I read this, my blood began to boil. It seems in their zeal to provide more millions of taxpayer money to private contractors, the federal employees responsible for maintaining the facilities for outpatient and troops in the medical hold units were let go and replaced with more incompetent corporate cronys. I watched Generals whose careers were toast take responsibility for the conditions at building 18, one who lived across the street from the damn place. It has bothered me to some degree that we were so willing to just blame the military when I knew from my experience playing on military bases when I was a musician that a LOT of the facilities were maintained by civilian contractors. Sure enough, the damn sociopaths in the bush administration shoved the contractors down their throats and the GOP congress gave NO oversight, despite many protests and shouts of REPUBLICAN congressmen and their volunteer wives. Oh, they KNEW how bad it was there AND many other facilities around the country, but profit is the primary concern of the GOP and always HAS been. So any time I hear ANY GOPer claiming to ” support the troops” I want to vomit.

The story of Walter Reed is only the tip of a septic iceberg. I think this may finish off what Katrina started. The way the administration botched the response to the poor people caught in that disaster woke the American people up from our fearful slumber. To think the rats in the Whitehouse would do something like this to the armed forces they use as props and have used against Democrats to gain political points is the worst hypocrisy YET!

I guess in all fairness, the building was probably never in as good shape as we as taxpayers expect, but it DAMN well SHOULD have been. The budget the moron in chief keeps getting for this purpose is going out the window like a box of kleenex out a car window. And there was NEVER any oversight… till NOW.

Thank God Dana Priest had the guts to write the series of articles on this subject. Thank God the MSM picked up on it.Thank God for the Raw Story for finding this story. And above all, thank God for our dedicated armed forces.They serve with determination and valor, under -equipped, under manned, without adequate exit planning and without bitching. They have done everything asked of them and much more.

CPAC had a pukefest this weekend. They didn’t talk much about bush or how proud they are about supporting the troops.Everything from sending tens of thousands of troops without equipment, the theft of BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars, treating wounded returning soldiers worse than dogs ALL happened as a result of REPUBLICAN policies. The best they could come up with is to say the poor, black victims of Katrina were too stupid to get out, and call a married , heterosexual Democrat a faggot. It’s all they have left. I can’t say this on the air, so I’ll say it here. GOD DAMN them!!!