Prosecutors fired to pad resumes???!!!

Just when you think the stench of the gonzales DOJ couldn’t stink worse, it does. I happened to be listening to Randi Rhodes show last week when she interviewed John Dean. There have been a lot of theories as to why rove,bush, “sleazy” gonzales and dark-side dick would fire effective Federal prosecutors. As Randi says (a LOT) a lie is very complicated, the truth is often simple and quick to explain. MR Dean said in response to Randi’s question “Why would they DO this?”. His answer was very simple. He said in effect that they wanted to pad the resumes of the partisan cronies and lapdogs for appointment to the Federal bench. Simple.

JEEZE, It took my breath away. Now, this “administration” has done a LOT of things without precedence, but my GOD! They love to kill, we all know that. But they especially LOVE to kill three birds with one slimy stone it’s a…..trifecta. They rid themselves of prosecutors who don’t play ball with the RNC, they install ignorant goose-stepping sycophants AND, because they love terrorist tactics and fear so much, they put a resounding chill through the department THEY appointed when the junta of ’00 happened. As an added bonus, they get Federal judges who will attack the “right” people and leave the RNC elite alone to do satan’s work.

I’m glad the Senate is looking HARD at “sleazy” gonzales and I pray that “magic-bullet” Spector follows through with his statement that old sleazy won’t be around much longer. Old Arlen is the one who added that little provision into the original “patriot” act and now sounds SOOOO surprised that bushcorp takes advantage of it. Jesus, arlen, do you equate clouds and RAIN?!!