Operation Golden Soldier

On Equal Time the last couple weeks we interviewed Major Bill Morisette, a Major in the California National Guard and LAST week we interviewed his lovely wife Katie. Major Morisette told us about being deployed with Viet Nam era duce and a halfs and crates of rusty old rifles, people untrained in the unit’s job and his experience of being mis-diagnosed and his THREE years in medical hold status.

Katie told us about the process of med evaluation and exit from the service. She told of her struggle to learn the ins and outs of getting the benefits they deserve and were PROMISED!! She also talked of the national DISGRACE of our female soldiers being RAPED by their fellow soldiers AND of course private contractors. THEY are treated with contempt and betrayed by THEIR government when they return. “Female hysteria” my ASS! THEY don’t sit and bitch, they formed an organization called Operation Golden Soldier. THAT organization helps our soldiers deal with (rummy’s) DOD SCREWING of the troops the rats say they support so much. OGS deserves our support as do the Morisetts.

Mirth listened to the shows and it lit her up a LOT! If you haven’t listened yet please do so. It shines the light of day the rats on the right WERE trying to keep their filthy little secret. We were SO disgusted with the things these two patriots had to say that if the FCC heard what we were saying during the breaks, we would be off the air.ESPECIALLY when Katie told us that the BASTARDS in the med hold units write memos and have brain-damaged kids sign their rights away. GOD DAMMIT that pissed us off. YOU should be pissed enough to help them. Major Bill and Katie are taking their program national. First to ALL of the eleven Med Hold facilities in the country THEN to ALL of the VA hospitals in the country. They need trained volunteers and advocates to make SURE these brave soldiers don’t get screwed for their service. And of course they need a few bucks to keep things running. Listen, learn,get pissed and give.