Don’t delay

This is going to be a short post. Two weeks ago I turned on Meet the Press. There was a panel discussing the war. Included in the panel was tom the toxic texas termite terminator. I didn’t even leave it on long enough to hear what they said. THEN he’s on GMA, which I don’t watch anyway. It turns out he has a book out. All I can say is he must have one HELL of a publicist. Here’s a FORMER GOP leader who resigned in disgrace, he is under indictment, he’s up to his eyebrows in abramoff, his staff members are off to prison and GAWD only knows what else. Russert was accused of treason by bushcorp, HE should know better, not to mention what having that thief and liar did to his cred factor. The gotch-eyed creep has been running around whining about being a VICTIM. After all the people he’s stomped even in his OWN party. I am compelled to stop watching MTP . If that’s who they consider an expert on anything but DDT, they can’t claim credibility. JESUS, I can’t believe what passes for news nowdays!