A Major dude speaks out for our troops

On this weeks show we were honored to interview a VERY fearless man who is advocating for those who serve and have been screwed by their government for the privilege. His name is Major Bill Morisette. He is currently stationed at Fort Lewis and has been on Medical hold for dang near three years. He talks about his experience forming a a transportation unit to deploy, and his long time on medical hold, missed or botched diagnosis and OTHER soldiers screwed by the government they so honorably served. He and his lovely wife Katie have formed an organization called Operation Golden Soldier in order to advocate for these brave Americans and help them receive the benefits they have EARNED by accomplishing everything their (deluded) government has asked of them. Their site is under construction, but there is already information and it’s up and running. Major Morisette has been assured by Senator Patty Murray (D-WA)that there will be NO repercussion for his activism on this issue. The command at Fort Lewis is already trying to shut these folks UP, but the CO seems like a stand-up guy who will take steps to fix this outrage on his post.

God speed on your mission to advocate for these brave Americans Major and Mrs Morisette, we have your back. We will be interviewing Mrs Morisette next week on Operation Golden Soldier. Just a brief note. Hell hath NO fury like TWO things. A musicians wife who has been two-timed, or a soldier’s wife when she finds soldiers getting screwed by the government.