White House (finally!) under siege!

It’s been about a month since the DemocratIC majority took over in our congress. For the better part of a decade we have suffered the slings and arrows of the right, the left and independents. Well now they can all just shut up and watch adults work.Now some of the lids being blown off the evil cauldron of cronyism and treason are due to special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. In the most under-reported story in history, there has not only been sworn testimony that “scooter” Libby is now and has always BEEN a liar, but now there has been written proof that bush himself ordered the treason. You can SEE the proof here. The MSM is WAY too cowed by these evil toads to report on this MAJOR scandal, so it’s up to US (American citizens) to stay informed about our “war presidents” caviler payback to “get” someone who pointed out his lie in a SOTU.

The Senate is on the verge of passing a resolution condemning the latest “surge” strateegery the goons for oil are bull-headedly jamming down our throats. Add to this, that the press is (FINALLY) starting to report things like this and the Senate Judiciary Committee led by Patric Lehey, joined by FORMER chair Arlen Specter asking the inquisitor general (sleazy) Gonzalez what the administration’s opinion of the war powers act. IF they are stupid enough to state that the president has dictatorial power to wage war at will without the approval of congress, we have a constitutional crisis that not even the bush lackeys on the Supreme Court could back.

House Judiciary Committee Chair John Conyers is looking VERY closely at bush’s constant (and probably unconstitutional) “signing statements”. From torture to habeas corpus to wiretapping to mail-snooping to GAWD knows WHAT else, AGAIN, Gonzales insists that bush has dictatorial power.

It may be too soon to say that our national nightmare is over. ONE thing is for DAMN sure though, things are happening now. In some cases the silent GOPers are starting to speak up.In less than a MONTH in power, the Dems and Fitz are circling getting to the truth. As a Democrat I am VERY proud. As an American citizen I am relieved. As a talk show host I am vindicated. As a blogger, I am disgusted. There are STILL lefties writing with curled lip and perpetually pissed off smartass comments about Democrats not DOING anything. They say that the non-binding resolution doesn’t MEAN anything. That bush isn’t in a cage yet. The war is still going on. To these perpetually petulant piss ants I say AGAIN. Take a civics class, read the constitution,study a bit of history, pay attention, wring out your little pink panties, pull your thumb our of your mouth, quit whining and let the adults do their work. The ball is rolling a HELL of a lot faster than even I thought was possible.