Storms a brewin in progressive radioland

I was listening to Ed Schultz today. I stumbled into a slaughterhouse as Ed was raving about Air America, it’s hosts the way they do business and EVERYTHING they do. I was stunned. I got in a bit late, roughly twenty minutes into the show. Now, I know that Ed isn’t Mike Malloy, BUT Ed SELLS. To those who don’t know, Ed Schultz, Stephenie Miller and Bill Press are syndicated by Jones Broadcasting, NOT Air America. Ed said that Air America sucks, their shows suck they don’t know anything about radio, the business, promotion, advertising AND they keep attacking HIM for not being liberal enough.Go here to listen to his (mostly true) segment regarding this issue. Ed was pissed, and Frankly, I don’t blame him.

The straw that loosed Ed’s diatribe was a comment made by Sam Seder about some XM radio schedule that placed Ed’s show instead of Thom Hartman. Of course Seder is backpedaling a bit ,but he said what he said. He HAD to add a snarky touch to his “explanation”. I guess Sam doesn’t think Ed is “liberal” enough for him,so he can encourage his listeners to call XM and demand that Ed be replaced by Hartman. Jeeze, what a moron. What did he expect Ed to DO?! I think what Seder did was the most unprofessional thing I’ve heard in a long time. It’s also why the rats on the right kick our ASS so handily.

Air America has had it’s share of problems, God only knows. When I heard that their big star was going to be Al Frankin and Jenine Gafaro (sp) I was stunned. These are NOT radio people. Al’s show had devolved into a boring, mess and when his co-host left it got even worse. Al had to bring his producer or whoever the guy is to keep things rolling. If you did a word count on his show, the word “uhhh” would be the most frequently used. Al is NOT a radio guy, and his departure will be a boost to AAR. Before I get TOO far into doing what I just bitch-slapped Seder for doing, I’ll say this. My two favorite progressive radio hosts are female. One from Jones, one from AAR. Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes respectively. I listen to Ed Schultz because he’s on (here) from noon to three. Of course I don’t listen to him on Fridays because that’s when the most excellent show Equal Time in broadcast. Ed sometimes sounds like Walter Brennan and laughs like Barney Rubble. BUT I like his perspective. He sells to the mid-west. Sam Seder has an annoying, reedy nasal voice. BUT He is a smart guy, and has HIS place among progressive radio listeners. Probably mostly city folk.

I eat meat, I own guns, I like fishing AND I am a liberal. I don’t use the word bastard every other word, I refer to bush as bush, NOT the president. I call GOPers rats and schmucks and I do my best to point out how ignorant their policies are. I am but a tiny blip on the radar screen of talk radio. We do our show as a labor of love, and also because somebody HAD to do SOMETHING! I started doing this in 1999. Before Ed AND AAR. I am VERY thankful for AAR AND Jones broadcasting. Seder set Ed off. But it’s been a long time coming. I respect ALL of the progressive broadcasters, and won’t speak ill of them. (except for Frankin) I hope Sam can keep his rancor and mouthfuls of spit aimed at the rats at the right. I do.