Federal prosecuter fired for not “delivering” Dirty Dino!!???

I woke up and opened my copy of the Seattle times, and front page, above the fold was an article that almost caused me to do a spit take with my coffee. Put down your coffee and read it here. Last week, we touched on the subject of “sleezy” gonzalez firing Federal prosecutors for prosecuting rats like the dukster and other filthy thieves and liars within the ranks (and I DO mean rank) of the GOP, INCLUDING, but not limited TO the number three man at the CIA. But this article states that the RUMOR among Seattle’s legal elite is that Mr Mckay was dumped for not fighting hard enough to put dino rossi in the Governors mansion.

The ’04 election was close all right. The Democrats ran the State Attorney General Christine Gregoir, and the GOP ran slickly boy Dino Rossi, a shady real estate agent and State Senator. Chris didn’t run the smartest campaign I have ever seen, but she WON. After a HUGE amount of whining and bleating from Washington state GOP and reich-wing talk radio hosts, a court challenge (Held in a court in the most conservative county in the STATE for chrissakes!) SHE WON!! You hear that all you whining republicans!?? SHE WON!!

Now it APPEARS that our Federal Prosecutor was fired by the “torture czar” gonzalez for NOT delivering OUR Governors mansion to Slicky boy Dino. BIAW (Building Industry Association of Washington) mouthpiece Tom Mcabe (Political Lunchbox Tuesdays noon to one PM KLAY 1180 AM) was quoted in the Times article as saying that he “urged the President to fire McKay.” . Great. NOW we have some self-interested puke representing rich,right-wing developers dictating policy to the WHITEHOUSE??? This is the same group who “invested” millions of dollars of in, and OUT of state money in order to try to buy two justices election to our Supreme Court during the last election cycle. Luckily, the voters here were on to ’em and their ridicules candidates were turned away in a landslide.

IF this story is true,(it’s only being reported as a rumor) would THAT be reason enough to impeach the whole damn cadre of criminals? Here you have a prosecutor APPOINTED by bush, by all accounts(Receiving glowing accolades by everyone from REPUBLICAN county prosecutors, to THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT!!) doing a GREAT job,suddenly fired for no APPARENT reason. This done by an administration who apparently thinks it’s OK to out a CIA covert agent and an entire non-proliferation program JUST to smear someone who DARED to expose a lie THEY knowingly told. What’s an effective BUSH-APPOINTED federal prosecutor then? He must be punished for NOT working harder to place the grinning slicky-boy developers best friend in OUR Governors mansion. Patrick Lehey of the Senate Judiciary Committee is looking HARD at all of this corrupt crap oozing out of the administration. The ability gonzalaz claims to have the power to do under the “patriot” act is murky, like EVERYTHING these neo-conmen do. Does the ability for the administration to punish prosecutors for pure political reasons make YOU feel safer?