Dr Wellby is dead and Satan took his place

This post was inspired by an article I read in todays paper for which I will link to in a bit. It got me to thinking that the state of for-profit has reached a point where we either DO something about it or health care will actually KILL us. There are so many directions to point fingers it would take three hands to do it.

One thing is for gull dern certain. Health care costs are sucking our country dry. We spend more of our gross domestic product on health care than any “developed” country on the planet. And despite all that spending(or perhaps because of it) we STILL have over 45 million citizens without basic health insurance, MOST of them people working full time and their children. If you are lucky enough to have SOME kind of medical insurance, it’s hard to imaging not being able to take your kids to the doctor for checkups or having the freedom to go to a doctor when you get sick. Unfortunately, our hospital emergency rooms have become ad-hoc clinics for people who don’t have insurance. Not exactly the most efficient way to deliver health care to folks whose kids have a cold or asthma.

There have been overtures by groups as divergent as big business think tanks and liberal organizations to encourage congress to DO something about this issue. These organizations are actually working together to get some progress made but DC has other things on it’s plate that are sucking the lifeblood out of us like the war, but I digress. Physicians had better step up to the plate soon, or THEY will start dropping like flies as well. The ONLY two things you can get out of their lobby is 1. We don’t want to be sued by ANYone for ANYthing EVER and 2. Don’t do what Canada did.

I just got my health plan renewed and I now pay eleven hundred dollars a month for the four of us. And that’s only a ten percent increase from last year. Of course in order to keep it at only ten per cent, they doubled my co-pays and out of pocket. When my youngest daughter was born three months premature in 1989, she spent four months in intensive care and had about two dozen surgeries. When you see bills totaling four hundred and eighty thousand dollars, it makes you a believer in have health insurance.
Hospital and insurance companies are making a LOT of money off of us. THEY like things just as they are. Especially THIS bastard! If Jesus Christ came down to earth juggling popes I wouldn’t pay him that much. I’m sure Dr Mcguire doesn’t want us to do what they did in Canada either.

The story that inspired this post is such a jaw dropper that I had to read it twice to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Basically what happened is that a van from a hospital (known for it’s practice of “patient dumping) in California pulled up to a curb in skid row and opened the side door and pushed a paraplegic dressed in THEIR hospital gown and a pair of pants out of the curb damn near running over him. He had a broken colostomy bag, was covered in his own excrement and his pants fell down as they shoved him out, leaving him to crawl onto the sidewalk. Now GOD DAMMIT! This is supposed to be a civilized country. WE are supposed to be the envy of the world. I picture MY daughter (she is a para) being treated like that after I’m dead and can’t kill whoever did this.This guy’s only crime was being poor. He couldn’t pay them enough to avoid being treated in a manner that would be illegal to treat a dog. BUT, this is the united corporations of America.

There have been many “plans” to deal with this crisis we face from both parties. Plans that will work are usually too expensive, plans from GOPers don’t work BUT they increase the money that healthcorp inc. sucks from us. Our health care policy is a global disgrace. I’ll leave it to people who are smarter than me (not a terribly exclusive club) to figure this all out. They better hurry. If we hear many more stories like the one I read this morning, there will be a divergent group of people storming state capitols with torches and farm implements. I’ll be leading the charge.