Is bush beleagured,hapless or just plain stupid?

OK, so what is it with this guy? Remember the Clinton Whitehouse under attack? For three YEARS? Constant “scandals” rocked the Clinton administration day after day, year after year in the mainstream media. NOW we have the bush administration: DEEPLY involved with felonious lobbyist Jack Abramoff, involved with the Vice(and I DO mean VICE) Presidents former company receiving unfettered access to our treasury, a bull-headed and idiotic policy in Iraq,the whole world hates our guts as a result and our entire nation is on the verge of total financial collapse. I could also add a gay pimp and prostitute passing himself off as a journalist right under the NOSE of the press corp, allowing Saudi Arabia to dictate our “war strategery” to the Vice (and I STILL do mean VICE)President,and the bush twins getting kicked out of Argentina after a drunken escapade, but I’ll be generous. So I ask again, at what point does the “liberal” media start calling a spade a spade? How much longer can the MSM shield these fools. How long will it take for OUR media to start saying what the REST of the world knows? How stupid and uninformed do they think we are? They are losing ratings AND credibility to cover this fool’s ass. The same companies who gave us Murrow and Cronkite NOW give us orielly and glen beck. Sometimes I watch NBC news with Brian Williams for entertainment purposes, NOT to inform myself. It’s sad.