Happy days are here again! (I hope)

Democrats take control of Congress today, and I am a bit giddy about it. The agenda for the first hundred days is daunting. So daunting that the rules committee will keep REPUBLICAN rules intact that block the minority party from participation. Of course the GOPers are whining and wailing about a temporary dose of their own medicine. Boo hoo hoo. After TWELVE years of ruling congress with an iron fist,(full of dirty dollars) they have the damn NERVE to cry croc tears. I think the reason they are so upset is because the Dems want to pass legislation that benifits PEOPLE, NOT mega-corp INC. They won’t be able to shake down business anymore and get paid WELL for it. They won’t be able to enable the privatization of war anymore. (LOL Sounds like Jessie Jackson) They won’t be going on privately funded golf trips or fly around on corporate jets. No more run-away earmarks.
The aspect of this that makes me nervous is that now they have to produce. The majority Dems hold is slim,not enough to bully through bills like the rats have done for the last decade. Then there is bush. Over the last week he has decided that the “way forward” to “stay the course” in order to keep”democracy on the march” and prevent “cut and run” in Iraq, is to send fourty thousand MORE troops to “mission accomplish”. The peace activists are already chomphing at the bit for us to end the war. Of course, that’s why the Dems were elected, is to stop this damn dirty war for profit. The POLLS are clear, that’s what the American people want. BUT bush was put in power lock, stock and barrel. He still has the (dusty,cob webby) veto pen.The prez also is hearing impaired, he doesn’t listen to his Generals, his daddy’s friends, OR the American people. Unless and until his REAL bosses in Saudi Arabia give him the order, he will “stay the course” and we are hard-pressed to stop him.

SO, we must use the powers that we HAVE. We now control the chairs of all committees, so we can investigate and call the bastards under oath to account. Hearings, investigations, and smart legislation can do a LOT. But honest to God, I believe that bush has gone insane. He also signed a bill into law regarding postal issues and then promtly did a “signing statement” giving himself permission to open anybody’s mail without a warrent. *sigh* So, it’s up to US as citizens to contact our repersentitives and Senators and let them know what WE want them to do. AND make sure they Do it.