We were right!!!

As if those of us in the “reality-based” community needed validation, the Iraq Study Group told us what WE have been saying for YEARS. The war in Iraq is “Grave and deteriorating” and our policies are the worst blunder in our country’s history. This is NO surprise to us who have been paying attention. The bush crew has systematicly destroyed our ability to engage in any constructive dialogue with the rest of the world, they have been in denial about the level of violence they caused, they have been stubborn and thick-headed and ham-fisted in their approach to conducting this effort, their complete lack of comprehension or care about any suggestion that any mistakes were made about anything pertaining to this folly, their un-caring attitude about deaths of the Iraqi OR our people, AND using this war as a political strategy has so weakened our military,political and moral standing in the world, that we are paralized and painted into a corner.

Although I don’t lend a HUGE amount of credibility to this group’s effort, it IS extraordinary in this way. This is largely a group of poppy bush’s friends. I can only imagine how hard this was ON bush 41. He basicly got these folks to finally say that his kid is wrong, that the neo-con cabal in the Whitehouse has blundered WAY beyond anyone’s expectation and that this idiotic situation needs to be fixed NOW.

The basic reccomendations of the ISG ( it is NOT a commission as has been mis-spoken by the cows in the press) are to start TALIKING. To engage in DIPLOMACY, something condi and bush know or care so little about. (Bush’s idea about diplomacy is to make a phone call and tell someone to do something) They also suggest that we embed OUR forces into the Iraqi military and police force. The Isreali and Palistinian issue is mentioned, suggesting that the US again help resolve their differences and cool that area off. And STOP building permanate military bases in Iraq.

Will bush listen? Will he take any of these ideas seriously? Will he ever admit that he or any of his henchmen has ever done anything wrong? EVER? Is he so far gone that he even CARES? He has been handed everything he has ever wanted his whole life by othere people. He has never had to do an honest days’ work his whole life. Other people his daddy knows have pulled him out of every idiotic thing he has ever done. I just watched his press conference with tony the poodle. He’s STILL talking about “victory” and staying the course and all that bull-flop. I am saddened by his flipant attitude and sneering demeanor. I don’t know WHAT it’s gonna take to get this morons attention. Maybe the way-left is correct, impeachment might be the only answer. My fear is that if he IS impeachmed he might not even get THAT. God help us.