It’s the war……STUPID!!!!!!

The Iraq Study Group has issued it’s report. bush has a copy. I wonder if he bothered to READ it, I doubt it. We all know how we got here, if there’s any lingering doubt, read this, it is the best piece I’ve ever read on why we’re there. So, that’s how we got there, now how do we get this mess straightened out? Like I said in the previous thread, we listen to the “experts”. bush’s Dad assembeled a bunch of folks who were to provide cover so george could wiggle out of the mess HE and dirty-dick caused.

The American People now support bushs’ war effort by a whopping 27%. 71% want us out NOW. The GOPers just lost the House AND the Senate.Candidates from his OWN party would rather be photographed with CASTRO than him. Tony Blair is hanging from a thread and is pulling his country’s troops out. Rummy was forced out after the election. After Democrats met with bush to discuss the situation in Iraq they came away shaking their heads in disbelief. I know MY jaw dropped when I read this. Nothing this guy does surprises me anymore……except this. Even by bush standards (If you can call them that) his butt-headed attitude about his screwup and the consequences it caused is amazing. With the low expectations ( lower than a snake fart in a wagon rut) we have come to expect from this moron it is hard to fathom how even HE can still hang on to his quixotic visions of “victory” in Iraq. He MUST actually believe the slogans his handelers substituted for stratigies. It is terrifying that someone so detatched from reality can wield so much power. I hang on to the fact that this is STILL the United States Of America, the best, most innovative country on Earth and also that, as of January 4th, oversight will be back and Democtrats will begin the process of investigating this folly.

As for all the whining,pissing and moaning lefties who are already judging the new majority in such harsh terms; ” They aren’t DOING anything, they haven’t impeached bush yet, bush isn’t in jail yet”! Hey,wring out your panties, blow your noses and for chrissake dry UP!The Dems haven’t even been SWORN IN YET!!! Give em a GOD DAMN chance to DO something before you get all stupid and judgemental. Or should I just say MENTAL? There are NO Democrats as committee chairs yet. NO subpoenas have been issued, nobody has been sworn in to tesify yet and,as of this writing, the GOP STILL has the majority. We need to grow up and be patient. The winds of change are coming,SOON!