Prometa revisited

This week our show will be broadcast on Friday as usual, but from 11:30-12:15 due to a Nebraska football game. A couple weeks ago, we decided to do another show about a meth/crack treatment protocal called Prometa. As you will learn, it is a coctail of three FDA approved medications that have an astounding success rate when used as a part of treatment for these addictions. The last time we discussed this issue, we interviewed a prosecutor from Pierce County Drug Court and State Legislator Dennis Flannigan who formed the Pierce County Drug Alliance. This week we will talk to the executive director of the Pierce County Alliance, the Pierce County Director of Assigned Council for the defence attourney prospective and, with any luck at all it being a holiday weekend ,a clinical research director for Hythiam, the health services company that markets this amazing treatment tool.

We’ll have a lot of ground to cover and not much time, so let’s see if we can get ‘er done. I will update this post after the show. I titled the post on the original show “Prometa… Silver Bullit, or Golden Fleece”.The more I learn about this treatment option, the more impressed I am. This ain’t a mirical instant permenent cure, BUT it is the best tool these professionals have ever seen. IF it helps eliminate even HALF of these addictions, it IS a miricle. Any more than that, I would consider God-sent.Meth and crack addiction is the scourge of our country. It rips families apart and makes our crime rate soar. If it can be proven through clinical trials to work as advertised, It should be made available everywhere across the country. Check out this link (Thanks to the folks at KLTV 7 Tyler-Longview for covering this story)for an idea of how folks who have completed the process feel about it. We’ll have more links after Fridays’ update show.