Is it just me, or is it getting drafty in here?

Charles Rangel (D) NY is pushing debate on a national draft. Left-wing radio (Including my Godess Randi Rhodes and the less interesting Tom Hartman) are down with this concept. I am NOT! Oh sure, I understand the premise, but come on.See, if we have a draft, we Americans would be less likely to allow a numbskull like bush to drag us into a war without cause like Iraq. We’d all pay more attention if OUR kids were at risk of being deployed.

Here’s an idea. Why doesn’t congress do some oversight and NOT give war powers to a moron like bush in the first place. AND if they screw up like they did with bush, take the damn war powers AWAY?! Don’t involve MY kids in conscription just because CONGRESS does something idiotic like giving a guy like bush unlimited and unchecked power! Giving bush THIS kind of power is like giving a loaded,cocked machine gun to a three year old. It won’t end well.I would suggest to Wrangle and people who think this is a good idea to do the job you are best suited to, and leave my kids out of it. bush is taking an (justified) ass-kicking for his no child left behind fiasco. Let’s NOT start a “Blow my child’s ass off to prove a point” fiasco. Do your job and think it over. JESUS!