I’m voting for Democrats(surprise, surprise) and here’s why!

Of COURSE I’m voting for Democrats, but not nessessalily for the reasons you may think. I AM an active Democrat,I’ve never tried to keep that a secret. There’s a reason for that, in fact there are many reasons for that which won’t go into at this time. Now as to why I’m voting for ALL Democrats this election cycle. Two words sum it up. Actually three words. Accountability and checks and balances. There has been virtually NO balance of power over a run-away, rougue administration.

Americans are getting screwed. 98% of us that is. The top two percent are doing swell. Virtually everything we do, costs more. The money we pay goes into the pockets of an elite few. They not only don’t pay taxes, they keep their mega-bucks in offshore accounts.Their outrageous profits don’t stimulate the American economy, they support FORIEGN investment. Insurance companies write legislation that favors them, pharmacutical companies write bills that benifit them and NOT us,oil companies write energy bills that gave them sixteen billion dollars in tax theft at a time when they are making hundreds of BILLIONS in profits.The credit card companies write a draconian bankruptcy bill that strangles Americans in financial trouble, they can raise their rates whenever they want for no reason and not tell you, there are NO exceptions for ANYthing, not medical bills, not storm disaster,not even service in Iraq gets you out from under the staggering debt this country is in. The year this legislation was signed into law, the credit industry only profited 30 billion dollars.

Then there is our constitution. The government lies to you, spys on you, listens to your phone conversations,reads your emails,they can take you away in the middle of the night, torture you and execute you without due process. They supposedly support the military but slam the troops when they follow rummys’ orders, lie about how it IS over there, they even lie about how they DIE. They lied about 9/11, lied about trying to “get” bin-slobbin, lied about why we are in Iraq, lied about Iraqi oil paying for the war, lied about Katrina, lied about torture,lied about warrentless spying, and lied about outing a CIA agent.

They have NO plan for Iraq except slogans. They call everyone who questions them traitors. They intentionally drive a wedge between the American people, they create an atmosphere of hatred and paranoia,they screw evangelicals with their fear tactics and then do NOTHING to address their issues. They screw kids in congress and then lie about it, they beat their wives, beat their mistresses,and attack women in parking lots. Four of them have resigned in disgrace, people in the Whitehouse have been convicted of felonies and are off to prison, rove’s assistant had to resign because of her ties to most corrupt lobbiest in history.They allow five rich old men to control everything you see,read, and hear. In the RARE instances where reporters actually report what they do, they jail the reporter. They want to control the last open source of news and opinion through the internet.

Those are just SOME of what the GOPers have done since “black Tuesday’94”. There is a reason they were out of power for decades. Graft, theft,corruption,spreading fear,hatred,suspicion, paranoia, and predjudice are SOME of the reasons. I am voting for Democrats because I want my country back. I want our country to be the envy of the world again. I love this country, and I HATE what they have done to it. The United States Of America was created for and by the PEOPLE! It was never intended to become a personal cash machine for a few self-appointed royal families. VOTE!!!!!