Don gone, Ken canned. Impeach bush? Not on your Nellie!

There is a HUGE push by a LOT of newly empowered Dems to impeach bushcorp INC as soon as possible. I hardily disagree for a couple of reasons. First, the proceedings would be front and center on the MSM DAILY with the mainstream media. Of course, the “liberal” media is complicit in the crimes of the “dark dick” and “blathering bush” crime family. We got just a hint of the beating Dems will suffer at their hands during the house majority leader election. They have painted the vote as a MAJOR fight within the Democratic leadership. We haven’t even sat down yet and the media is trying to gut us like a fish. Of course they portrayed Lott being elected Senate minority leader as a quiet,gentle and professional change. The drunken boner and blunt retaining leadership was a given,as the GOPers are a top-down idiocracy. No, the media would portray the bush-dick crew as a victim of thuggish Democratic partisan attacks.

Because of the heavy-handed, draconian and unchecked policies of bushcorp, there are a LOT of things affecting American citizens that need to be fixed REALLY soon. Healthcare, minimum wage,tax theft by the oil companies, INVESTIGATION of the oil companies, and digging into the “reasons” for the war in the first place. These and MANY other issues need to be addressed NOW, and won’t happen if the media is focused like a lazer on impeachment proceedings. Once hearings begin, the chips will fall where they may.

The American people voted (in my opinion) for a change in direction and checks on bushs’ power. Sure, there are a percentage of Americans who want the bastards led away in chains (probably most of the folks who will read this post) but I suggest that the Dem congress get some things DONE! Show the voters they can govern, and ’08 will be OURS! Show voters that we can attack and smear, and they will go back to the bullies who are GOOD at it. Democrats have ALWAYS been better at serving PEOPLE, the rats have always been better at serving corporations and themselves.

Unlike us political junkies,I believe MOST Americans don’t give a rat’s ASS about politics. I think there are FAR more folks interested in the NASCAR standings than who the Democratic leadership is. I also think that most Americans don’t see any difference between the two parties and believe “they are all the same”. It’s up to US, and the Dem leadership to prove them wrong, and we AIN’T gonna do that by charging in right off the bat swinging at the Whitehouse. We have been given a golden opportunity, the voters have placed their trust in us, now we need to produce. If Americans watch us just beating bush on the news every night, we’ll lose in ’08 and it’ll be a generation before they trust us again,and rightfully so. The best thing Dems could do is make bush/dick irrelevant through smart legislation. Attacking the rats at THIS point would be percieved as politics as usual. The United States needs to be just THAT, united. THEY divide, it’s up to US to unite.