Wont’cha wear a rope…around yer neck….

On our Friday the thirteenth show, a caller suggested that some of dizzy dave reichert’s (R- 8-WA temp) thugs sneak up on me and put a rope around my neck. It seems he took issue with me refering to republicans as rats. I can’t begin to tell you how idiotic this new-found sensitivity to name calling is, comming from a republican. JEEZE! They’ve been calling US ” Turrrst-lovin,America-hating,commie, LIIIbrul traitors” for so long, and we’ve TRIED to remain above that sort of thing for SO long that I guess I shouldn’t be TOO surprised that they would react like that. They are so on the side of dishing it out, they don’t seem able to TAKE their own rancid medicine.

I have never been shy about speaking up for OUR side or against theirs. I wish MORE Democrats would take the plunge and start calling a thief a thief, a liar a liar and a traitor a traitor. Americans love a winner and HATE a wimp. Sorry Earl, but if you sew the wind, on OUR show you reap the whirlwind.

The funniest part about this sputtering attack on me? No matter WHAT GOP scandal you bring up, all they can do is change the subject and try to find an example of “They did it too”, but in Earls case, he couldn’t think of anything, so he just talked in vague generalities. It was great.