Welcome NRCC!

I keep track of who visits and what content people access on my blog. Lately, I’ve noticed a great deal of interest in a show I did with Darcy Burner last April. In just the last couple days the show has been downloaded several times from the NRCC in Washington DC.NRCC is the National Republican Congressional Committee. I guess by that activity and the ads they are running accusing Darcy of throwing mud, (LOL!! THEY are accusing someone of throwing mud) they must realize what a worthless candidate they have in Dizzy Dave. At least for now, it’s STILL a free country, so help yourselves. Neither SHE or I have anything to hide. Old Dave’s been kind of quiet, so we don’t know what his stand on the issues are, and his pal Tom Delay resigned in disgrace along with the three OTHER thieves and perverts in the GOP so far this year so I don’t think HE knows what he thinks. I assume he votes the way his masters tell him to vote,because he has never given the impression he has any idea what he’s doing.

Darcy is a gentle soul who has a great deal of compassion and even more integrity. She has worked hard her whole life to achive her success. She has proven by her actions that she would serve the citizens of her district well. She has a great grasp of her districts’ needs and the brains and a judiscious temprement to work with others.

I think the NRCC should concentrate on covering it’s ass and try to keep it’s members away from the kids. Given the fact they just voted to eliminate the constitution, and their president has eliminated the NEED for Congress with his “signing statements”, their policies have caused virtually the whole WORLD to hate our guts, they have delared war on American citizens who disagree with them, they are fighting a war with themselves about the war they started for no apparent reason, they can’t seem to tell the truth about anything or get their story straight on any issue. Good luck holding on to congress with nothing but money, God knows the corporations you shake down give you enough of that. But you are morally bankrupt, corrupt beyond anything this country has ever seen and the majority of Americans realize that now.

So welcome you drowning rats. For once, I can’t WAIT for election day. We want our country back, looks like we’ll get it.