George W Bully

Bullies always win. At least for a while. You knew them as a kid. Hell, maybe you WERE one. They laugh at us, they take our lunch money, they beat us up and their Daddy encourages them. They take great pleasure in other’s pain, a kind of perverse satisfaction in making things squirm and scream at their will. And make no mistake about it, they don’t concieve of living things as having feelings. They don’t care…. about ANYthing but their own power to inflict their perverted will on other things. Because they don’t FEEL, they are dead inside. Dead. Nothing really makes them happy or sad, because those are feelings and having feelings is a sign of weakness. They HATE weakness. They are ALWAYS right. They lack the mentality to convince, so they conive. They win. ALWAYS. Almost.

This brings me to bush. He is the son of the richest and most powerful man in town. He made SURE his son had all the breaks. Best schools, best everything. He made sure it was all stacked in his favor. He made sure HIS son got into the right circles, right schools, right clubs and fraternities. Little George never had to work for anything in his whole life. His mother was so delighted when he would talk about torturing little animals. He loved to blow up frogs with firecrackers. Mommy was SO proud. Her little beast could laugh as he killed. When he was a frat-rat George used to LOVE to brand pledges with a coathanger and a candle. Christ only knows what he did to skull and bones kids. When his little sister died of cancer, his parents didn’t tell him, they went and played GOLF. What the hell kind of stoney-hearted monster plays golf after the death of their child!? George failed at every business he ever touched. He was a drunken sot and didn’t care what anyone thought, why SHOULD he, he was never taught to “feel” anything, and besides, his Dad would buy his way out of any trouble, business or otherwise, he could stumble his way into.

Fast-forward to present day George. He is supposedly sober now, but still lacks ANY empathy or compassion or curiosity or morals or ethecs. He is STILL quite dead inside and he no longer needs his dad to bail him out of anything. If he wants his cronies installed into high places, he just does it, NObody tells HIM what to do. If he wants to listen to phone, internet or have people read an Americans mail, by god that’s his right, he’s the boss. If he wants to grab ANYone anyWHERE any TIME, that’s his right. THEY don’t DESERVE a lawyer, or a trial or any of that nonsense those dirty liberal “feely” lawyers insist upon. If he wants to render and torture anyone who diagrees with him, well, god told him he’s doing the right thing.

The point of all of this is that George W Bush is not only the worst president this country has ever had, he is the worst tin-horn despot the WORLD has ever seen. He puts Stalin AND Hitler to shame because he is destroying the country that crushed them for doing what HE is doing NOW. All in the name of god. At least that’s what he claims. But he’s already lied about so much, and feelings are a sign of weakness, so how can he feel the joy of Christ in his heart when his heart is dead and devoid of compassion? How can someone who takes so much pleasure in hurting things be entrusted with protecting anything?There is still a chance to stop this preditory monster. Elect Democrats. The only way to take his power, is to cripple his enabelers. Without congress doing his bidding without question or oversight, he would have to convince rather than conive. Without daddy to prop him up, he would be held accountable for his satanic actions. It’s not too late….yet. VOTE!