There seems to be some doubt as to just what DID happen in North Korea. Sunday night the breaking news was that the North Koreans had exploded a nuclear weapon. The whole world went nuts, but not TOO nuts. Our feckless leader got to look presidential and even had a news conference. More people saw “Americas top model” than this thing. I was kinda steamed that our foriegn policy “experts” could allow such a thing to happen. Then, today, it turned into kind of a fizzel.Condi the secratary of shoes said “We may never know” if it was really a nuke. Tony the tarbaby snow said the same thing. Big deal.

While we were all looking up at the sky for the dead bird, the Ike Strike group left port destined for a place off the western coast of Iran.It is supposed arrive at its post on about Oct 21st, two weeks before the election. This is disturbing for a couple reasons. IF bush decides that the gop is “trending” in a bad direction, he could launch planes and start a mid-east firestorm that could reach every corner of the world. OR, he could have some kind of USS Cole incident and do the same thing. Either way, the result would be the same. Over a billion Musslims wanting us all dead.

This imbicile and his satanic crew think that if he starts some idiotic adventure like this, we will of COURSE vote for the pediphilic republican party because they are making us safer by starting a global jihad. OR he will cancel the election, declare martial law and round up all the domestic dissenters like me and torture us in the concentration camps halliburton is building across the country.

Is THIS the “October surprise” rove promised us? They couldn’t possibly think they could get away with something as transparent as this, could they? Am I just being cynical? When you’re dealing with the most evil cadre of thieves, traitors and liars in our history, NOTHING surprises me. Take the enabelers OUT of congress…. VOTE DEMOCRATIC!!!!!