BREAKING NEWS: No. Korea tests the bomb

Well, here we go. The October surprise rove promised us. North Korea did an underground test of a nuclear device. So, where was condi? Where was John Bolton? Where was rummy? Where was bush? bush just got through bleating that we Democrat’s way of dealing with “terrsts” was to wait till they attack and then handle it like a law enforcement issue. Hey stupid, ever hear of detectives or sting operations? NOW, because of his inept sec state, and our block-headed method of never talking to anyone, No. Korea has done the big nasty. Am I blaming bush? HELL yes. His botched war in Iraq has drained our military. His idiotic antics abroad has made us weaker as a global player. Half of his own country hates him and his party’s guts. The whole world knows we aren’t in any position to react to any crisis. Why WOULDN’T they test a bomb now? Despite the fact that (or maybe because of) bush’s incompetence is well known to everyone across the world except(thanks to a complicit media) us Americans. I only wonder if rove has a direct line to kim makes-me-ill. the timing works for bush to come out and “look presidential”. He can stand there squinty-eyed, with his hands eighteen inches from his sides like he’s gonna draw, and read some piece of paper written for him with the usual hollow threats the dummies who still support him love so much. I was expecting a war for the October surprise and this could be it. The only surprise we ever get from these incompetent morons are BAD surprises.