Micheal Shea, film maker, BRAVE film maker

After the re-selection of bush in 2004, Mr Shea was perplexed and wondered what the dickens these people were thinking. He didn’t just assume these people were crazy, he actually went out on the road with a camera and a microphone and interviewed them right in the buckle of the Bible belt. That’s where the brave part comes in. He shaved and trimmed up his hair and ventured out into the belly of the beast. What resulted was a look inside the minds of the great unwashed (whether they wore a suit or bibs) and what a look. This man raised in Seattle who now lives in So-Cal got an earful. Check out the website for Red State It’s more scary than anything Hollywood could make up because what you see is all true. It’ll make you want to hug a liberal. We, who pay attention to reality will feel our jaw drop as we watch Americans torture the truth, twist the facts and dance with the devil while praising Jesus. The horror, the horror.