09/11/01……Lest we ever forget

9/11/01. Lest we ever forget who the president was. The one who was cutting brush at his prairie chapel ranch while intelligence people were trying to warn him that bin-slobbin was going to order the hijacking of commercial aircraft and use them as missiles and fly them into buildings. When told of this intel, our great leader dismissed them with the statement;” You can leave now, you covered your asses”. This great leader went into a classroom AFTER the first plane hit the WTC,and three others had made U-turns toward New York and DC, and sat stunned when his lacky told him of the second plane hitting.

Lest we ever forget who was the national security advisor that day. She had NO experience in security issues. She had been told in no uncertain terms that the greatest threat to America was bin-slobbin and his bearded pustules, but went about the business of keeping us safe from the cold war. SHE was in charge of keeping us safe but failed miserably. Despite direct warnings of this threat, NO increase in airport security, NO survailance of known terrorists taking flight lessons without even rudimentary command of the English language AND being listed in phone books, No meetings with people who COULD have told her of this threat, NO NOTHING!

Lest we ever forget that the vice president was running war games ON the Eastern seaboard ON this very scenario, ON 9/11/01, sent the fighters that could have intercepted those planes out over the Atlantic ocean and flew them around in circles until the attacks were over. This vice president whom we all thought was in a secret bunker waiting to take control in the event of further attacks in the weeks following was actually sneaking around the country attending FUNDRAISERS, using this attack as a ruse to scoop in more money into the GOP warchests.

Lest we ever forget that the secretary of defense was running around that day screaming for material on Saddam, trying desperatly to find SOME reason to blame Iraq. And don’t forget that a building that SHOULD be the most secure place in the world was left with NO defense from air attack on HIS watch. This bumbeling old fool let our guard down and failed miserably to defend……. the DEFENSE department!

Have we learned the lessons of 9/11? Five years later, and we STILL haven’t brought the perps to justice.Bin- slobbin is safer in his hide-out in craps his pants istan than we Americans are in our homes. Our borders are more easily crossed than bush’s fingers during a press conference. The stupid war on Iraq has drained our military to the point where recruiters use the “fog the mirror, sign right here” method. The taliban is back, ruling the vast majority of Afghanistan,and heroine sales are funding the terrorists like never before. Bush accuses his detractors of being like Nazi sympathisers. He should know about nazi sympathisers, his grandfathers were not only hitler fans, THEY helped finance his rise to power and fund his war machine. Rummy is STILL rambeling non-sense about appeasing terrorists. He ALSO claims HIS detractors are forgetting history, and are defeatists. HE seems to forget that the main force screaming and whining to keep us OUT of WWII, were REPUBLICANS. Hey rummy, we aren’t blaming America first, we are blaming YOU for being a crabby incompitant old fool.

Dirty dead-eye dick is STILL lying to Americans about HIS claims of the insurgents being in their “last throws”. He denys making statements he made, claims the world is better off with Iraq in turmoil, and curls his best Elvis-lip and claims the be on the “dark side”. You’re on the dark side alright dick. The dark side of reality.

Condi had been promoted to Sec-State. bush LOVES to promote incompetant people. While Sec-State, she has failed to build concensus on ANY aspect of our idiotic policies. She has reigned over a department that has the whole world hating our guts. Countrys around the globe feel that we are a far greater threat to the world than bin-slobbin. Nice job condi. I have NO other explanation as to why bush has her as Sec-State other than the photos of him oogeling her ass. Typical. He appoints an incompitant based on his liking to watch her butt jiggle.

Have we forgotten 9/11? Never. Have we forgotten the LESSONS of 9/11? I pray we haven’t. It happened on bush’s watch, he hasn’t done anything to catch bin-slobbin, and stopped LOOKING for him. God bless the families of the victims of 9/11. God bless our brave soldiers who have sacrificed their lives to prop-up bush’s poll ratings. And God protect us from bush and his band of fools.