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It has come to our attention that Kevin was kind enough to give us a bit of a plug on Daily KOS. Thanks Kevin. We have been doing a local liberal radio talk show off and on since ’99. The show has taken twists and turns from a kind of nerdy NPRish thing to an attack vehicle, to a voice for local candidates and a combination of all three. We are a self supporting, “vanity” type of show. We buy airtime, and try our best to pay for it by selling ads. MOST of the time it all pencils out, but lately, pickin’s have been slim. If you like what you hear, please hit the donate button, if not, tell us why. The main difference between Democrats and the rats is that the rats support anything they are told.Please help us stay on the air, and thanks in advance for your support.

We feel that one of the problems Democrats face is getting out our message. Due to an unforseeable and unfortunate set of circumstances, there are a couple one hour slots opening up on KLAY 1180. We are trying to help organized labor start a show dedicated to labor/working man issues.I, personally have a broader vision. I would like to see a liberal,local show in every county in the state. There are a few family-owned local independant radio stations out there, WE have to show them that local liberal talk shows have a market AND, more importantly, sell.Once again, welcome. Ivan is right. We aren’t EVERYone’s cup of tea. Dare to dream. Let’s organize. Let’s support each other and stop argueing. The issues we have to deal with are more vital to the survival of our country than at any time in history. Unite and conquer.