Prometa…silver bullet, or golden fleece?

On this weeks show we had a couple special guests with a lot of experience with meth and crack addiction. Washington State legislator Dennis Flannigan founded and served on the Pierce County Drug Alliance many years ago. We also featured Mark Lindquist, Pierce county drug prosecuter. BOTH of these guests are impressed with the results of a pilot program testing the effects of a drug cocktail that has reported an increadible success rate among addicts. (meth, crack cocain,and alcohol, but NOT sutible for opiats) listen and judge for yourself. As for me, the research I have done on this stuff seems stunning. As a resident in one of the worst affected counties by meth in the country,I pray that this is true, and becomes widely used. This meth crap is rotting our country from the inside out, and has a worse effect on our country than al-quieda.