Ken Lay goes stiff

I am not usually disrespectful of the dead. There are times when I think that the world benefits from a guy taking the dirt nap. For instance, the good most reverend Richard Butler, was the “pastor” of Church of Jesus Christ Aryan Nations in northern Idaho. When satan called HIM home, I suggested he should be interned in a toxic waste dump somewhere.

I damn near felt sorry for Ken Lay. The poor crooked bastard got convicted of several major felonies, and faced the rest of his life gripping his soap in a federal pen. Then I realized what this black-hearted creature had actually done. He presided over a vast money vortex that screwed hundreds of thousands of people out of their life savings. And made a FORTUNE doing it. Tens of thousands lost their jobs and MILLIONS of electric rate payers took a hit that cost BILLIONS. He was instrumental in stealing the people of California’s Governor, and replacing him with some juiced out comicbook monster actor. He was bush’s best friend and main political mentor,so close in fact, that bush wanted him as sec energy. Of course he declined but helped appoint some of his cronies who helped him screw with and manipulate energy issues in California and beyond. I became suspicious when Governor Davis begged for help from FERC, and was basicly told to go screw himself.

Did you see the house he died in? It is at LEAST a 10,000 square foot mansion in Aspen CO. It brought back the time when his wife was whining about being so poor after ENRON fell. She opened a thrift store where she was trying to sell all the pricless antiques from their many houses. She was also crying and whining about having to sell one of their Aspen properties. GOD what a phoney baloney piece of crap.

Naw, I don’t feel sorry for him OR his family. They care about NOTHING but money. They’ll do just fine. They don’t care about morality, patriotism, personal responsibility, ethics or spiritual matters, just money. People like them don’t have anything BUT money. Ken lays heart may have stopped beating on the Fourth of July, but he was always dead inside. Stone cold dead. He will go down in history as one of many people I refer to as domestic economic terrorists. The main difference between bin-slobbin and rats like him is that the Islamo-facists have the courage of their convictions. All people like him have is money.