Your tax money at work.or Why bush had to sneak into Iraq

This video shows a couple of British private contractors blowing off steam (and innocent Iraqi citizens’ heads) while cruising down the road in Iraq. This is what 293 million American taxpayer dollars buys nowdays. This creepy British corp was awarded this cost-plus no-bid contract despite at least ONE objection from a Democrat who did a bit of research. Is THIS what “freedom on the march” means? This video is actually old news, but I post it here because this week, the Department Of Defense completed it’s investigation and found nothing to prosecute.That could be because when our Viceroy L. Paul Bremmer eliminated ALL laws ,civil or criminal regarding private, corporate contractors, NOTHING is illegal. That means that the creeps these contractors hire are still free to continue killing Iraqis at will. Of course the Uniform Code Of Military Justice is still in effect for our military personell. That’s why those Guardsmen are in prison for Abu- Ghreb.

Rest assured that Muslims around the globe have seen this video. That’s why they hate our guts. No amount of candy our brave soldiers give Iraqi kids will overcome this kind of message. The torture, renderings, Gitmo, and now a squad of our Marines snapped and shot up a bunch of women and kids. Bush and the GOP can keep yelling 9/11 all they want. The Muslim world will never forget what bush and his crew have done to Iraq. Neither will the American people.

Video- WMP Video- QT