What in God’s name are they doing?

The GOP seems to be melting down, big time. The Senate soundly rejected an ammendment to our beloved constitution to ban gay marriage. Thank God. Here in the evergreen state (Washington) an initiative to eliminate a law protecting gay citizens from discrimination failed to gain enough signatures to qualify for the ballot this November. It took our legislature ten years to work this bill through the process. Oddly, the last-ditch tactic used by our states initiative-for-sale guru was to appeal to mega-churches for the required signatures to ram this crap through. Churches. Where else would one GO to drum up support for a law allowing American citizens to be fired or evicted based on something so personal (AND none of their business) as whom they sleep with?

In her ( his? It’s?) latest attack schlock book, Ann Coulter ( Human-animal hybrid suck pig) takes a viscious cheap shot at the 9/11 widows. The crap she (he?, it? ) spews won’t be repeated here because I don’t want to get vomit on my laptop. She (He? it?) claims to be a Christian. She does for Christianity what bush does for public speaking. That’s why I am repulsed by organized religion, and avoid it at all costs. Anyone who buys this mind-suck crap should be examined by a mental health professional. Anyone who belives the rancid bile should be insitutionalized.

The rest of the year’s Senate debate will be spent on a flag burning ammendment to our beloved constitution, and the rummy/paris hilton/ bush cabal trillion-dollar tax theft. The Democrats have been handed a huge club to beat these rats over the head with. As we found out in San Diego, bitching about Duke-stir and the war ain’t gonna win elections. We have to tell the voters what we are going to do different in VERY clear English. Also the fact that there was no cogent, organized effort by the DNC to win this seat is disturbing. God won’t win elections for us, this is our election to LOSE! We need to come out of the closet. Ann needs to go back IN!