This weeks show

OK. I admit it, I was late posting this weeks show. I also admit that I had misgivings about POSTING this weeks show. It’s angry and I mis-stated names and even used the word country when I meant to say company. I was spitting and frothing at the mouth. I was angry. NOT as a Democrat (although God knows that’s part of it) but as an American citizen. The media lies, Oxi-Rush said on his show that us “liberal kooks” are GLAD the two soldiers were “last throwed”, Rove calls two combat veterans cowards, the Senate votes to not oversee trillions of dollars in no-bid contracts, AND seventeen REPUBLICANS want amnisty for insurgents who only kill American service personell, on and on. Jeeze, I could hardly BREATH I was so angry. I am usually able to find humor in junk like this. EVEN coulter doesn’t have this effect on me. It just launched, almost like I had no control. That’s scarey. If I seemed hateful, it’s only because I am passionate about fairness, and saw little this week. I am a junk-yard Democrat. I honestly believe that it’s time to stop the nicey-talk and take off the gloves.

We are beginning a summer fundraising drive. As I stated on the show, if everyone who downloads this show gave a buck, we could fund the show for a year. You’ll be asked to donate a LOT over the next few months. Democrats, Republicans, Sierra Club, NRA, Oil companies, BUT NONE of them will only ask for a buck or two. Please help us keep this show on the air, and push the donate button. Your personal information will remain confidential as long as Homeland security doesn’t get their leaky hands on it. Thanks in advance, and as always, thanks for listening.

PS Just as I had written this and was ready to post it, My connectivity went berzerk. So better late than never.