Shameless. Olbermann exposes a geek.

Keith Olbermann does it again:

A geek wasn’t always someone who could fix your computer. A geek was (for a hundred years) a sideshow freak who would bite the head off of a live chicken for a quarter. Ann Coulter is this generations GOP geek. She (he? it?) is like a three year old who will dig a booger out of her nose and eat it for a nickel at pre-school. ANYthing for attention. While trolling through youtube for the Olbermann piece, I forced myself to view other clips. This thing will say anything that pops into it’s maggot-infested brain to get attention. It’s almost sad.

Kieth Olbermann takes this whole mess and shows it for what it is. In his usual thoughtful and well written manner, Kieth exposes Coulter for the hypocritical, lying hate monger that she (he? it?) is. About time. I would LOVE to see this dung-heap in a REAL debate with….say….Randi Rhodes without the ability to control the mic through potting her down or out-screaming her. Enjoy Kieth’s take, it’s right on the money. So is Ann, all about money. PERIOD.