Another GOP punk gets punk’d

Colbert got ANOTHER one. First Delay, now some creep from the eighth district in Georgia gets to look stupid. In other words, like himself. Here’s a GOPer who has never written a bill, has sat in his seat like a robot, and now has co-sponsored a bill to place the ten commandments in federal buildings and schools. The only problem is, he has no idea what they are, “You shouldn’t murder…….lie…….uhhhhhhh steal” GAWD! What a moron!

The most disturbing part is…why couldn’t the Democrats field a candidate who could beat someone so obviously stupid. Here’s a “Christian” who can’t name ANY of the ten commandments, who has never written a bill, (even for a lobbyist???) and looks really, REALLY stupid. Colbert has already provided the best campaign commercial in history. All the Dems in Georgia need to do is find someone, ANYONE who can recite the ten commandments, present the voters with ONE bill he or she would propose and not break the camera with their face, and VIOLA! One less seat occupied by a dumb bell robot. Get to it DR Dean, this one SHOULD be easy.