Factor Fiction ,Well, there he goes AGAIN!!

I don’t watch “The Factor”,so I wasn’t aware the falafal fool said anything so damn stupid……..TWICE! So when I watched Countdown that night I was stunned. Not surprised, but stunned. This is the same imbicile who for a month accused ……I think it was Sen Boxer of telling Rice that she had a disdain for the TROOPS. What She DID accuse the gap of , was a disdain for the TRUTH.

Kieth Olbermann crushed the blithering moron into a slimy mass of quivering goop. But of course, he started OUT as a slimy mass of quivering goop. The look in Mr Olbermann’s eyes told the story quite well, making his script almost superflouis. But I’m glad he wrote it, it was extraodinary. Thanks Kieth, it needed to be said.

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