Rancid Ann hits the fan


Where’s the edge? The he/she human-animal man pig Coulter found herself quickly approaching it in her interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show. The right-wing, chain-smoking wine guzzeling crap-fungus “author” went ballistic smearing the WIDOWS of 9/11, saying that liberals always use people who are “untouchable” to make their case. You know, like war heros, the widows of a terrorist attack that took place on her hero( butt-buddie?) bush’s watch. Too bad HER side consists of chickenhawk war profiteers and satanic preachers.

As she ( he? ) sat there whinning about how unfair liberals are for having people who are actually affected by the bush gang’s policies as spokesmen for OUR cause, the right wingers have no place to defend themselves. Poor babies. All they have is an entire network all to themselves. Oh, and all the rest of the media with lips firmly attatched to the ass of bushco.On the rare occasion when they allow a left-leaning person on the air, they make SURE there at least two other loud-mouth wackos from the right lying and shouting them down. (Download Randi Rhodes show from Tuesday on whiterose society) This coulter buttstain has always been a pitiful wretch, but this is a new low even for her. I can imagine The “god hates fags” creep AND Satan cackeling with delight as this scrawny mental midget spews her (his?) verbal flatulance. Notice how this poor picked-on victim sits alone with Matt ( who probably took a shower and boiled the suit he was wearing) and bloviate without being interupted. The tobacco and alcohol seems to be taking effect on this blond (bleached?) man/pig. Like Kathy Griffin said later in the show; “Who wears a coctail dress at seven in the morning?” Must have been a long night with Jeff Guckert/ Gannon. I wonder who’s the “top”?