The “Let’s medicate Pat Robertson” fund.

After about the five hundredth stupid thing Jesus has said to Pat Robertson, which he loves to share with us, Audrey came up with a brilliant idea.

While we were discussing this issue on todays show, she said in passing that lithium might help. Since most of the money stupid people send him is tied up in business deals with the worst brutal ditators on earth, he probably can’t afford the medication he so obviously needs.

So we are going to solicit funds via the donate button on the right side of this page. A portion of all the proceeds will be dedicated to encouraging Pat to get the medication he needs to quell the voices in his head and the delusions of grandure he suffers.

It doesn’t take Sigmund-stinking-Freud to figure out that Pat needs chemical intervention. From the five hundred foot tall Jesus he sees , to the Lord telling him to ask women about their sex lives to blaming Democrats for 9/11 and now he said Jesus told him the Pacific Nortwest is going to be hit with a giant tsunami.

This guy needs help. NOW!