Vote for schools or you’ll go to hell

There are two things that voters do that wrankels my hide.The first thing is of course when they don’t vote. The second is when they vote against their own best interests in response to right wing talking points. Ya see, schools are the backbone of our community. When people vote against them, they are voting against kids. I don’t care if it’s because they have liberal teachers who belong to a union. The WORST reason to vote against schools because of the taxes. That is the epitomy of selfishness. Our parents went through a depression, won a world war, and came back to build the best education system in the history of the world. Now it’s in our hands. If you turn your back on kids,you risk pissing God off. ( He STILL has issues with us letting bush be president) So save your soul. Do what you know is the right thing.Besides, Our kids will pick our nursing home.