The “libary” director with the seat of the pants, ants in the pants management style.

On this weeks show, we interviewed a member of the Tacoma Public Library board. We were told of a management style all too common in todays public institutions. A heavy-handed manager making expensive, incoherant, and counter-productive decisions that are hurting patrons(taxpayers) who use the facilities. We hope that by letting sunlight shine on this 100K per year dictator, changes will be made to save our librarys from a self-interested nest-featherer whose main priority seems to be crushing dissent rather than actually running a productive organization. From some research we have done, it appears that Susan whatsherkrantz likes to do work for the city of Tacoma on Library time. This, of course, gives her the opportunity to shmooze with people like the city manager among others. It would best serve the citizens(taxpayers) if she made her shmoozing job permanant and the library board found someone who can effectively run our library system, keep and maintain a well trained staff with good moral which is what she started with. Feel free to comment, the first amendment is STILL taken seriously here. If you work for the Library, you may use a false name, as Ms whatsherkrantz rules with an iron fist, and jackboots.