Who’s got the chops?

Now that there are a few progressive… NO DAMMIT….LIBERAL radio talk shows and you have had a chance to listen and form opinions, who got chops? The word “chops” is vernacular within show business that refers to ability. When I listen to talk radio, I listen for entertainment and information. I think that liberals in general are smarter than conservatives. We are curious by nature, and not easily taken in by liars. I stress often on our show that I will never lie to our listeners. I also state that the smartest people in the WORLD listen to Equal Time.

Now that I have sufficiently greased you up, my dear reader, I am going to list three talk show hosts. Randi Rhodes, Al Frankin and myself, Frank Blair. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to all of these folks, do so. All of them are fun to listen to. BUT, Frankin is NOT a radio guy. In MY humble opinion, Frankin’s delivery is so deadpan that he is hard to listen to. He says the words “uhhh” and “ya know” a LOT. Both cardinal sins as far as radio is concerned. I HATE it when I catch myself doing it. He has access to EXCELLENT research folks and his crew is GREAT. But sometimes I want to yell “GET TO THE POINT, AL!!!, WE DON’T HAVE ALL DAMN DAY!!!”.
Randi Rhodes, on the other hand is a true radio professional. She has a degree in political science and knows her stuff.Her delivery is sort of east coast, but she is lot of fun to listen to, and more important, FACTUAL.

So, what do YOU think? Our wonderful webmaster hasn’t installed that wonderful Poll deellybobber on this site yet, so tell us what you think. Notice how I didn’t self-promote in any way? Well……..Maybe just a little. Speaking of shameless self-promotion, hit the donate button, would you? We don’t use these donations for trips to sex-slave shops in the Marrianes islands like Delay, just to help defray expenses. Thanks for listening.