The power of talk and the Lord

It has come to light in the last couple days that bush sent Karl Rove to sell Jimmy Dobson on the scrawny spinster he nominated for the supreme court. Rove apparently soothed the great Doctor on the idea that this creature would do what she was told because she had already been brainwashed by evangelicals. She is also willing to play ball with the corporate power boys to FURTHER erode the rights of private citizens paying for all this stuff. We will all be at the mercy of dobson and his ilk and their warped view of how we should all act and what we should all worship. Stupid people think that Rowe V Wade is just about abortion. When in actuality, it is about privacy.

Why would bushco inc send Karl to soothe the great doctor? 28 million people supposedly listen to and do what the kindly old doc tells them to do. They buy his stupid books and send him checks by the crate. They vote for who he says to vote and scream at Congress when he tells them to. I have been told that he is motivated by his love of Jesus and the Bible. Bullshit. It’s about money and power. That’s all. He wants the whole country to be FORCED to do what he tells us, and bush is willing to cave in to ANYONE to keep his dynasty rolling. He even gave osama bin slobbin just exactly what he wanted in order that he would stop attacking us. He moved our bases out of Saudi, got the Isrealies to let the Palistinians have their own land and he stopped looking for bin slobbin and his crew of bearded pustules.

Now bush is selling our civil rights down the chocolate tunnle for his “base”. The most disturbing part of all of this is that the bush crew went to a creep like dobson and NOT to the Senators in his OWN PARTY with the good news that the screwey spinster will be obedient like a good christian woman should be according to”scripture”.

bush’s polls are dropping faster than a safe full of anvils. 48% of Americans think Democrats should be the majority in congress. 60% think there was illegal behavior by the leaders of the house and the senate. 2% of African Americans now support the chimp in chief. bush himself is at about 38%. I think God himself could save the GOP, but DOBSON can’t.

Dobson is about as mainstream as falwell and robertson. They have more in common with osama bin slobbin than they do with me. I avoid churches because of people like them. People who support them are natural born followers, just like the Germans who followed hitler off the cliff. Blind faith is the reason they are rich, and bush couldn’t possibly care less about the lemmings that MADE them what they are. All he cares about is power, and holding on to it at any cost. One of the main reasons he is polling about two points higher than castro is that the American people are starting to awaken from the post 9/11 stupor. They rubbed their eyes and were shocked by what they had allowed to happen. Good morning America.