Mo money, Mo money, Mo money

OK OK! I know what you’re thinking. What’s up with the donation button? Hang on. Hang on. You’re probably thinking this is just shameless self promotion like hannity or one of those slimeballs on the right. Let me explain. What Audrey and I do is called “vanity radio” or self-produced radio. In other words, we buy broadcast time from our friends at KLAY. What you don’t hear when you download the show every week(You ARE downloading every week, right?) are the commercial spots that run on live broadcasts. Our sponsors(God bless them all) buy ads(cheap, email us for rates) and we use 100% of those proceeds to pay for airtime. All of our sponsors are local small businesses that don’t have huge advertizing budgets like the corporate behemoths that pay millions to promote the vomit-talk on right-wing radio. I delete the commercials when I download the show at the suggestion of people who are smarter than I am.(The “smarter than Frank Blair society” is NOT a terribly exclusive club) So, being self-produced and sponsored by a very few(but high quality) small businesses sometimes leaves us in the red when our bill from KLAY comes. Being in the red keeps me awake at night, makes me have bags under my eyes, and gives me worry lines. Audrey has a better attitude about this stuff than I do. She always tells me to “Have faith Frank, this is meant to be” and stuff like that.

So, it’s in your hands. YOU have the power to help Audrey and I retain our faith in God. You wouldn’t want to piss God off at a time like this would you? He’s watching you NOW, you know. I’m not even going to make a suggestion as to how much you should donate. Have I ever mentioned that I have a disabled daughter? Or that Audrey is raising her grand daughter alone by herself? When we get the bill, it’s due no matter if we have adequate sponsorship or not.

So if you can send a couple bucks, please do. I have always promised on our show to never lie to you, and I won’t lie to you now. 100% of anything that gets donated will be used to pay for airtime. Straight up. I PROMISE we won’t use these proceeds to fund trips to the Marriannas Islands to tour pre-teen sex slave whorehouses like Tom Delay. We don’t have lavish lifesyles, unless you define lavish as starving to death. We aren’t part of the “liberal elite” whatever the hell THAT is. The smartest people in the WORLD listen to Equal Time, the show that is GUARANTEED to make you smarter. A small donation helps us retain our faith in God, keeps us and our families from starving to death, makes you smarter and keeps us on the air. In addition, it’s the RIGHT thing to do, it’s the PATRIOTIC thing to do, and ,by God, it’s the AMERICAN thing to do! Thanks for listening.