It’s the message stupid!

As a (very) part time radio talk show host, I am all-consumed by “the message” and doing our best to get the progressive viewpoint across to the masses. It’s not an easy task because we Democrats don’t get talking points from the DNC in DC or anywhere else. I want to instill progressive ideals while pointing out the incredible hypocracy of the right-wing blather machine in an entertaining and(I hope) humerous manner.

To that end, I attended a conference hosted by a moderate congressman from my state. I’ll not mention the congressman’s name, not because I don’t respect him(I do, very much) but because I don’t have his permission. I suppose I was expecting too much when I asked what the main focus of our message should be. I was told the main issues we should focus on would be; the economy, healthcare, the budget, and security. Not a bad bunch of stuff, but I would have liked more specifics and simple language like how to describe each issue in five words or less, no word containing more than three sylibles.

I also asked what the DNC was doing to help out with messaging. He stated he wasn’t sure, because he didn’t pay much attention to what they do.( He’s a DLC guy). He made some good points to the effect that we as progressives don’t do well marching in lock-step like the right-wingers. We are an independent bunch. I agree, because I go to quite a few Democratic functions and I know that leading Democrats is like raking frogs or hearding cats. So for NOW, Audrey and I are stuck with saying what we think without direction from the party folks. We’ll still have a great time with the GOPers and their legal and political issues.( bush’s polls are dropping like a safe full of anvils) But as for the “message”, we’ll have to muddle through the fog and hope we don’t piss off our base.

I also mentioned that we are self-produced and financed. In other words we need money to stay on the air. I told him that there are 13,488 reasons he should give us a hundred bucks a month, because that’s how many times our show was downloaded in the month of September. He mentioned he might be able to help, then after my jaw returned to it’s normal position he said something about some Soros group that funds projects like our show. DAMN, I thought he was gonna pony up some airtime, but………

So, don’t be surprised to find a paypal button on this site at some point real soon. Kriminy, if everyone who downloaded the show gave a BUCK, we would be doing a two hour daily show………..I Hawaii. Watch for the button, and be generous, my tan is fading.