Big Ed gets the hook by a crook

Ed Schultz the progressive host from the heartland broadcasting for the Jones network from Fargo North Dakota, arranged for one hour of his daily talk show to be broadcast on the AFR(Armed Forces Radio) to our troops in Iraq. The morning his show was to debut, his office recieved a call from Allison Barber, assistant deputy for communications for the defense department. Her comment to MR Schultzs’ producer was something to the effect that his show would not be airing on AFR that week. When asked if it would be debuted the following week she said she didn’t know. When asked if it would EVER air she repeted she didn’t know.More on the story here.

It would present a more honest front if these “gummint” thugs would come clean once in a while. Our troops are now listening to stuff like NPR, news, and of course oxi-rush. A couple hours a day of him. The only political commentary these brave Americans is the view from the RNC. I find it odd (but not surprising) that Rummy and his crew are so threatened by any opinion other than their own. There has been speculation that the reason Ed was dropped like a piece of molten lava is because he commented on MS Barber getting caught rehearsing troops for bushs’ recent much ballyhooed “spontaneous” conversation with troops via satelite link.

Athough it is certainly possible that Eds’ comments could be PART of the reason his show was dropped before it even got started, But I think it goes deeper than that. I think it’s because bush’s policies in Iraq and everywhere else are so weak, transparent and undefensable that he and rummy can’t take the chance that the brave men and women carrying them out, might hear anything but their spin on issues. I find that attitude outrageous on many levels. It indicates that our military are of such a weak mind that they could be swayed by an hour a day of talk radio.Also, if anyone in the world would know if the bush”doctrin” is working or not, it would be those who fight, get wounded, or die implimenting it.

I’m not writing this as a news story, because it’s a rapidly aging story, I AM writing this as an American citizen who finds it a disturbing commentary on the state of our leadership. When an administration that claims to be so concerned about freedom and democracy stifles opinions and open dialouge, the word hypocricy fails to do justice. Audrey and I do a smalltime local radio talkshow. It is disheartening to see a successful show like Ed Schultz treated like this by his own country. We do a certain amount of ranting about local AND national issues. I suppose we have a file created in some government database. I’m not paranoid, just pragmatic. What a shame that over the last two centuries, our grand experiment of democracy has devolved to this.