A “holy” hostile takeover

Since our show has been archived globally, Audrey and I have been trying to concentrate on national issues. So when we decide to dedicate an entire show to a local issue, its one that has national implications. We feel that what is happening to the citizens of Tacoma, could (And probably DOES) happen anywhere in the country. Friday’s show involves a hostile takeover of a public park by a mega-church. It appears that a former parkboard commissioner ( Now headmaster and football coach OF the mega-church) and the park board administration have been in cahoots to use taxpayer owned land to construct a sports complex for the exclusive use BY the church and pass it off as some kind of “gift”. JEEZE, long sentence, but that’s it in a nutshell.

After last weeks show a LOT has happened. There is only one newspaper in town, and their editorial board has been DAILY spitting a mouthful of billious bile at the commissioner who tried(successfully, so far) to stop this “gift” in its unholy tracks. And my cell phone has been ringing off the hook. (Belt, actually) There is added interest in this story, as three of the five commissioners are up for election, AND the park department has an 84 million dollar bond issue on the ballot as well. There are conspiracy theories running rampant on both sides we ain’t done with this stuff YET! It also turns out that the lady who called our show was right, in that the headmaster of the mega-church school WAS at the park board meeting and was to shy(cowardly) to promote this great “gift” to the affected taxpayers. BUT, he wasn’t too shy to go whining and bleating to the newspaper OP-ED board the next day. You can keep score on the paper’s website. Just google tribnet and watch a decent honest guy get editorially sodomized by the OP-ED board AND the headmaster of the mega-church school.( And here I thought christians didn’t engage in sodomy)

We ain’t done with this story, so “Scooter the looter” is gonna be put on the back burner for a while yet. Like I said, this is probably happening in SOME form in YOUR town. Budgets are being slashed in the name of taxcuts, and things LIKE parks are being underfunded. That leaves public/private “partnerships” in play, and taxpayer owned property vunerable for “holy” hostile takeovers. That’s why I avoid churches, and when ANYONE tells me that” You can trust me, I’m a christian”, I clench my butt, grab my children AND my wallet and slowly back away.