ETR Radio Show- December 28, 2018

  • Our last show at KLAY.
  • Our special guest our Man on the Floor of the House Rep Steve Kirby joins us.
  • We express our appreciation and gratitude to KLAY, our sponsors and our listeners.
  • dark.

ETR Radio Show- December 21, 2018

  • JAYSUS! What a week… Flim Flam Fynn gets reamed at his sentencing hearing. Rightfully so, TRAITOR!!!
  • General Mattis abruptly quits as secretary of defense as trump gives the Kurds to Turkey and to placate russia.
  • A shutdown looms…….



ETR Radio Show- December 14, 2018

  • A bomb threat on the anniversary of the Sandy hook massacre, a seven year old dead in the custody of the US government.
  • Trump’s lawyer sentenced to three years, a russian spy pleads guilty to conspiracy and is going to spill the beans on the whole GOP.
  • The mid term election gives the nation hope that the criminal enterprise run from the White House will be held to account.
  • Happy holidays!



ETR Radio Show- December 7, 2018

  • Traci is out this week, she’ll be back next week.
  • We tackle the issue of Veteran suicide with Rod Wittmier, founder and National Director of National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide.
  • Noah Davis, lawyer and host of Noah Your Rights, KLAY joins me for analysis of the sentencing statements on Cohen and Manafort.



ETR Radio Show- November 30, 2018

  • We cover the events of the last two weeks. We TRY to cover it all,
  • We talk about what we are thankful for. There’s more than you think.



ETR Radio Show- November 16, 2018

  • All politics is local. This week we talk to two County Council members. Councilman elect Marty Campbell and Derek Young after his stunning victory.



ETR Radio Show-November 7, 2018

  • Our returning guest is Damon Townshend, supervisor of elections for Pierce County Auditor’s Office. We talk about turnout, it;s encouraging, and last minute tips for the election.
  • The gopers are lying to you. ALL of them.
  • The last word of this show is, VOTE!!!



ETR Radio Show-October 26, 2018

  • The GOP is lying to you about EVERYTHING. ALL of them.
  • Our friend, our prosecutor Mark Lindquist joins us.



ETR Radio Show-October 19, 2018

  • AFM, Acute Flaccid Myelitis a scary disease that is rearing it’s ugly head. It has a paralytic effect on little kids.
  • Doctor Scott Lindquist, State Epidemiologist for Communicable Diseases, Washington Department of Health joins us to discuss what it is and what physicians and researchers from across the country are doing to identify and treat this awful thing.
  • The president is advocating for and making excuses for the saudi murder of an American journalist…… for money. For him.

ETR Radio Show-October 12, 2018

  • A beautiful Friday afternoon.
  • A chilling time for journalists.
  • Trump could care less about the Saudi torture/murder of an AMERICAN op ed writer as long as the”kingdom” keeps trump and jared in cash. BOTH are bad businessmen.
  • Climate change is out of control. Adults need to intervene. SOON.