ETR Radio Show-September 26, 2014

  • Eric Holder will be stepping down as soon as the senate can confirm his replacement. In other words he will be Attorney General for the rest of President Obama’s term…….
  • State Representative Dawn Morrell (D-25) joins us to talk about last session and what the next session holds.
  •  Central Pierce Fire and Rescue Assistant Chief Ed Hrivnak tells us about autumn fire/injury prevention. Thanks Ed.



ETR Radio Show-September 19, 2014

  • Domestic violence is a myth. It is assault. It is the beating of another citizen. It should be treated like any other beating. Like a lawyer for instance, or a congressman or NFL commissioner.
  •  I 509, the initiative, to do background checks on ALL firearm sales. Geoff Potter the communication director for Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility joins us.

ETR Radio Show- September 12, 2014

  • Anders Ibsen, Tacoma City Council joins us to talk about Healthy Tacoma, the militarization of the police department, the new spy gear and a few other issues. Thank you for allowing us to grill you like a cheese sandwich.
  • Bon Von Wheelie from the band Girl Trouble joins us to talk about their movie and art exhibit.



ETR Radio Show, September 5, 2014

  • Guest Co-host Sam Mulvey joins us today. Christian family values go nuts as former Virginia governor and his wife are convicted of massive corruption and conspiracy charges. The good governor could NOT throw his wife under the bus fast enough.
  • Pierce Councilman Rick Talbert joins us. We talk about In GAWD We Trust, the super majority republican’s refusal to pass a an initiative to the people to fund mental health issues. We also talk about shoreline management and the environment in general. Thank you for your service Rick.

ETR Radio Show- August 29, 2014

  • Our country has gone gun nuts.
  • Joseph Pakootas, candidate for Congress from the 5th district joins us again. Good luck, God speed Joe.
  • Tami Green candidate for state Senate from the 28th district joins us.
  • Sam Mulvey from Ask an Atheist Sundays at 3:00 PM on KLAY joins us to discuss the issues of the day. Thanks for joining us Sam.

ETR Radio Show-August 22, 2014

  • Holy cow. You leave town for a couple days and the whole world blows up. Sheesh.
  • State Senator Jeannie Darneille (D-27) joins us for the hour. We talk about everything from education to transportation and everything in between. Thank you for your time Jeannie.




ETR Radio Show-August 15,2014

  • Mental health. Can we please stop stigmatizing it now?
  • Mark Potok from Southern Poverty Law Center joins us to talk about the beginnings, mission and how their mission has broadened over these many years. We also discuss the militarization of our nation’s police agencies and specifically the horrible escalation and extreme failure of the the police efforts in Ferguson Missouri.
  • Music and Art in Wright Park to be held tomorrow in Wright park. Ken Johnson joins us to tell us all about it.

ETR Radio Show-August 8, 2014

  • ISIS is committing genocide in Iraq. The President HAS to react. Al Qaeda is fed up with them You gotta be pretty darn ruthless to get Al Qaeda, a Sunni terrorist group, angry with you. Thank you VERY much bush/cheney.
  •  From genocide to young, local musicians. Susan Renville from the outreach group for Ted Brown Music joins us to talk about Live It Outloud. A wonderful youth musician mentoring program offered by Ted Brown music. GREAT work.

ETR Radio Show- August 1, 2014

  • Child refugees from Central America. A brief history.
  • We were honored to have Dr Jeni Gregory, renown expert in the treatment and study of children who have experienced catastrophic trauma. Dr Jeni is an inspiration and gives us hope that the children at our borders can heal from those circumstances that drove them here.
  • We all need to look within ourselves and determine if basic humanity dwells in our hearts.



ETR Radio Show- July 25, 2014

  • Over a quarter of a million acres are burning in Washington State.
  • Jeff Krupka from the US Fish and Wildlife Service calls in from Wenatchee to talk about the long and short term effects of fire ravaged areas. We talk about everything from the ground up. Microbes in the soil, small, burrowing animals, raptors, predators and prey. We talk about trees, insects water, fish and recovery. Thank you SO much for your time during what must be a very busy day.
  • The nuge got the hook at the EQC. Where’s he going to play now? Who cares?