ETR Radio Show-February 20, 2015

  • Rudy. Why is his face on my TV screen again?
  • Our Man on the Floor of the House Rep Steve Kirby joins us to give us a legislative update.
  • Todd Iverson, interim spokesman for Local 23 ILWU joins us to give the LABOR perspective of the current Port situation.
  • ISIS recruits young fighters in the same way as any criminal gang. We can NOT kill our way out of this.



ETR Radio Show-February 13, 2015

  • Immunize your kids!
  • Sarah Jane Morken from 15 NOW Tacoma joins us to discuss an initiative in Tacoma that would increase the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour for certain workers.
  • Three dead young people in North Caroline at the hands of a bully with a gun.



ETR Radio Show-February 6, 2014

  • GOP clown car gets rapey again and The presidential candidates pander to the wacky fringe by being anti-vaxers. THEN try to pry their feet out of their mouths. And it’s only beginning.
  • Our man on the floor of the House calls with a legislative update.
  •  Mark Potok, Senior Fellow with the Southern Poverty Law Center joins us to talk about the American Family Association and their investment in the Republican party.
  • Islamic State a cult brought to you by the bush administration. Thanks guys…….



ETR Radio Show-January 30, 2014

  • Our Man on the Floor of the House Rep Steve Kirby surprises us by telling us that they are actually getting things done in Olympia.
  •  Anders Ibsen Tacoma City Councilman joins us to talk about the Healthy Tacoma issue. It PASSED.



ETR Radio Show-January 23, 2015

  • No more guns in the House or Senate galleries. GOOD!
  • Our Man on the Floor of the House Rep Steve Kirby gives us an update on the session.
  • Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah passes. Oil. Oil runs the world. We need to find a way to make it worthless.
  • Bohner and netenyahu. Two evil men plotting against the President of the United States.
  • 12th man fever. GO HAWKS!!!!!



ETR Radio Show-January 16, 2015

  • A tribute to our friend Evan Brown who passed away recently. RIP Brownie.
  • Our Man On the Floor of the House, Steve Kirby (D-29) joins us for the first time this session. We talk about the budget and other issues. For 45 minutes. THANK you Steve, hope we didn’t get you into trouble……

ETR Radio Show-January 9, 2015

  • Terror attacks in Paris.
  • Derek Young recently elected Pierce County Councilman from the 7th district talks to us about how the County will deal with mental health, the jail an infrastructure. We all hope there will be a lot less right-wing evangelical social engineering and a lot more cogent legislation.
  • Bush/cheney/rumsfeld administration radicalized a whole generation of young Muslims through their evil actions and incompetence. Paris and ALL Islamic terror attacks are and WILL be their legacy.

ETR Radio Show-December 26, 2014

  • This week’s show is dedicated to a happy and safe New Year’s Eve celebration.
  • Fircrest Police Chief and director of the Pierce County DUI and Traffic Safety Task Force joins us to talk about the task force, how they operate as well some alternatives to driving Impaired.
  • Katie Lowery from Tacoma’s First Night, a family friendly event held In downtown Tacoma tells us about the celebration, who will be performing and how to get tickets.
  •  There are two very nice hotels in downtown Tacoma that will offer packages for New Year’s Eve. They will also have blocks of rooms available for those who find themselves out, impaired and not wishing to drive impaired. Shoot, they’ll even give you a toothbrush. General Manager of the Murano Hotel Stan Kott tells us about package deals they offer as does Carol Pica director of sales and marketing for the Courtyard Marriott talks about packages THEY offer.
  • Let’s all work together to keep our roads safe and make SURE we start the new year with NO DUI deaths.



ETR Radio Show-December 19, 2014

  • Sheena’s birthday.
  • Our only guest Tacoma City Councilman Ryan Mello joins us. We talk about the Healthy Tacoma legislation….. again. I hope they can get this hammered out soon. Goodness knows there are a few fixes that will be necessary.
  • President Obama working with Pope Frank  to open up US/Cuba diplomatic relations. GOPers heads pop open. The “Cuban” senator rubio (R-big gulp) now has a chance to go there and do a takeover. He prefers to whine. Senator cruz (R-OH! Canada) is sputtering his lies SO hard that he doesn’t  know what he’s doing………..



ETR Radio Show-December 12, 2014

  • We talk with Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor about the budget and how it affects what and how can do for us. Also about the jail, housing mental health patients. Sheriff Pastor talks about the militarization of some police departments and how the equipment they DO get from the feds saves lives, ours AND theirs. We also discuss good policing and not very good policing and how important it is to DE-escalate tense situations.
  • We discuss women’s issues with Karen Teagarden who formed Unite Women for just that purpose, to unite women.
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